Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun In Wisconsin

Well, all i can say about this guy, is that we were very limited on materials, we were rushed because Olivia did`nt like him from the get go.
Do you see how she is looking at him? It was instant delight, i later heard that she was very happy to see him removed and torn apart.

But, Playing in the leaves was a differant matter. At my house we are leaf deprived, so this was fun. Even Grandpa had to take a dip.

See the shoes at the bottom of the slide, guess who?

Yes, Olivia, the dare devil!

Here is the little ballarina, we had to take the picture fast before the teacher closed the door on us, apparently, mothers and grandmothers are a distraction. phfff

then Sadly, our time was over, and we had to leave. We had breakfast, and then goodbyes. It was a great time, and we already miss little miss Sassy Pants.