Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Indiana Jones

I Love Love Love this man.
Mr Speedy and I went to the new Indiana Jones Movie tonight, it was a fun movie, and i only had to tell Mr Speedy once to slow down on the way home from the movie. A good night had by all.
Harrison Ford..........he could have stood staring at the camera and not said a word for the entire movie and i would have been just as pleased cuz, lets face it, not only is he the sexiest man around, but he`s also a nice guy. Well, i`ve never met him personaly, but i just know he is.
I probably would have been married to him had Calista Flockhart not FORCED herself into his life. So, now i have to wait until that relationship goes south. But, i`ll wait, and wait and wait.
Untill then, i am currantly looking for an indiana jones hat for Mr Speedy, and a leather jacket. He wants this as much as i do. if i find these things, i am going to change his name to Indy.
Anyway, This was a good movie, i`d go see it again, and most likley will when it comes out on video. I`ll buy it. I`ll keep it forever and ever, along with the other Indy Movies.
I`m even going to name my next boy child Indiana Jones.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I don`t know why i did`nt take advantage of this perfect rainy gloomy day.

Today was a great day to curl up on the couch with cups of hot steaming coffee, a couple of great movies, and a munchie or two. But, we did`nt do that.

So what did we do you ask? Well, we burned a half a tank of gas going to walmart to get my perscription, and a bolt of some sort for Mr Speedys Boss.

The Pharmacy was closed, of course. And Walmart did`nt have this bolt of some sort. So we ended up drowning our sorrows at subway. Very yummy i might add.

I Regret this Walmart decision.

If you had rain, i hope you made the RIGHT decision today.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is here, officially, the start of summer vacations, but most importantly, to remember those who have passed before us, and for all those soldiers who have fought and died for our country. Those for whom this Holiday is dedicated to.

These are the ones i am thinking about this Memorial Weekend.

My Mom, Ethel--- A strong, opinionated, independant woman. She could definately take care of herself. Her sympathies always went to the underdog. Jeffery dahlmer, *that poor boy* were her exact words, i said, *mom, he eats people.* She said he was misunderstood. Oj Simson, * he is so handsome he could`nt have butchered his wife.* We went round and round about that one.
This woman loved to argue, most was in fun, but it did`nt matter if it were a man, a woman, or a child, if she could lure you into an argument, she was in her glory. Her love for her family was strong, and there was`nt anything she would`nt do for them, even though many times, we did`nt deserve her loyalty. I miss her.

My Father, Leroy----He was Much quieter than my Mother. His passions were fishing and hunting. He was a carpenter by trade, he built alot of houses in his day. If we wanted something, we went to dad, he was the easy target, and we did`nt have to argue our point with him like we did with mom. When he first met skip, the next morning i asked him what he thought of him. Dad said, * i think you fell into the deep end of the frying pan with this one.* Funny, because in the end, skip and my dad were as close as any son and father, they loved and respected each other. A couple years ago, i asked skip if he could bring anyone back for just one day, who would it be? His answer was , my dad. My dad was a good man. I miss him.

My Grandma and Grandpa. She was the strong silent type. Grandpa wore the pants in the family, and both of them gave us grandchildren wonderful memories of them when they were on the farm. Some days i get a wiff of something sweet, and it is the smell of grandma making nectar for us, that`s what it was called back then, nector. Todays sad version is Koolaid. Grandpas rule was that every sunday, all three of his girls and their kids better be on the farm for a family dinner, and we all were, every sunday. Me and my cousins grew up as close as sisters and brothers, and that was because of my grandparents. Looking back, that farm and those two people gave me some of my happiest memories. I am so grateful i had them.

My Brother Mark. I think of him often. I look at his son Ben, and see so much of my brother in him. It`s amazing how much the two of them are alike, in looks and manner. He was tall, had long legs, and his nickname in high school was Spider, mine was Legs. Guess we were built pretty much alike. I was closest to mark growing up. His death, never leaves me. Mark Was a Vietnam Veteran.

My Father in Law Don. I only knew Don a short while, He passed away about 3 years into my marriage. He died shortly after our son Adam was born. He was very tall and big, and had a booming voice. You did`nt want to get into an argument when he and His brother Fred were together, that`s for sure. I did that once and only once! He absolutely adored my daughter Sarah, he was so loving and gently with her, and called her Princess. She was only 3 when he died, so it is sad that they don`t have memories of their grandpa. Don had a special place in my heart, he was the only one in skips family who was happy we were getting married. ( it`s a long story!) He was in the hospital in Minneapolis and we stopped in to see him the day we were married. Don was also a WWII Veteran.

My Uncle Dale. He was one of the funniest man i knew, although i did`nt realize this untill i was an adult. When i was a kid, i spent alot of time at his house with my cousins, and mostly i remember him holloring MARGEEEEEEEEEEE do something with these kids. He never scolded us, he got my aunt to do that. He was my dads best friend. He was tall and skinny and had this pot belly, he`d lift up his t-shirt and puff out that belly and make us laugh when we were kids........and adults. He could make me laugh till i cried.

My Great Uncle Herbie. To me he looked like Mr Magoo. In his later years he went blind, and his eyes were always squinted like mr magoos. We`d have to give him a hug when we went to visit, and he`d know who we were basically by feeling us up. Weird but true. He was kind of the harmless dirty old man in our family. Even their priest had to reprimand him for feeling up the ladies at church. But, we knew herbie well, and other than having to put up with his hands and bumps and grinds , he was pretty cool. He was the family santa claus, had been since i was a tiny little girl. He was also a WWI Veteran. He lived into his 90`s .

Well, those are who i have thought about this memorial weekend, along with all the soldiers from wars past and present, and their families. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, take care, and drive safely.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, blogger is`nt allowing me to put my bat picture up, but who can blame them, who wants to see nasty bats anyway. I`ll try tomarrow.

Mr. Speedy and I came home late from the casino tonight, not late as in time, but late as in bat flying time. I usually try to get into the house by dusk, i did`nt tonight, and i did see a bat, so up went the hood, and i raced into the house before one could tangle itself in my hair. They do that you know.

When i was a young girl, every saturday was spent with my cousins in their darkened living room watching those old black and white scary movies. Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein, you name it, we watched it. I suspect that is the reason for my extreme phobia with bats. I can think of no other reason.

When we were`nt watching scary movies, we were holed up in my cousins walk in closet, in pitch black darkness doing sceances, but those are another future blog.

So now spring is finally here in Minnesota, and i begin timing my activities around dusk and dawn, kind of like.............a vampire!

So, who would have thought that i would end up in a little town that houses approxiately 3-4 thousand bats? What a cruel trick of fate. But i did. You see, we have an underground mine in the area. It is`nt a working mine anymore, but it is filled with scientists doing tests on the minerals down there.

People come from all around the world to take the tour that brings you deep into the bowels of the mine, most people enjoy it very much, it`s interesting, it`s differant. I have never been down there. NEVER will. It is home to these little brown bats that are protected, because this area is the only area anywhere that has these little brown evil creatures.

Spring and summer, they can be found on the sides of buildings , swooping through your yard, and often swooping through your houses. Rarely in my house though, i have my house bat proofed and take every precaution to keep them out.

Anyway, it is bat season, and i am a very nervous camper. I need Dr Phil big time.

Enjoy your summer everyone.............during the daylight hours.

Monday, May 12, 2008

They Do A Heart Good

I started having these kiddos when i was a mere 18 years old. The one above is Sarah, my firstborn. I was a child, raising a baby, with the help of Mr Speedy of course, he was an older man of 24 at the time. Sarah used to be shy, real shy, at 2, i took her to the dr, for a cold. He had to listen to her chest, so i started taking off her shirt, as he had asked. She grabbed hold of that shirt, looked up at me and said, " I don`t want Docrr waaaker (walker) to see my boobies." Dr Walker smiled and explained that he had seen many many boobies, i had to confirm that. She did take off her shirt. She is`nt shy anymore, and by that i don`t mean she runs around showing anyone who will look her boobies.

Even though i was so young, i instinctively knew She would be the greatest accomplishment of my life. Sarah is 35 now, I scratch my head sometimes in amazement when i think of what that tiny beautiful baby girl grew into. I suppose me and her father had a little to do with how she turned out, but Sarah had the most to do with it. She grew up to be extremely independant, a strong woman, talented, down to earth, a huntress,( she won`t like that word, too girly girly i think) a fisherwoman, a great mom, and a wonderful caring daughter, and sister. I take so much pleasure knowing she is living at this moment, the happiest time in her life. Our country girl. I am very proud of her.

And then there is our son. Our second born. Adam, he`s never liked his name, but oh well, too late now. Adam is 32. This one was a challenge when he was little. The problem was, he was alot smarter than his parents, but, in the end, we survived.

Adam is a Macho kind of guy on the outside, but on the inside, He is a softy, and always there to lend a hand when one of His sisters need him, or His mom and dad. When he was 8ish, i was real real worried he`d lean towards a life of crime, we had moved from the country to town, and the lure of candy was great, so he`d pilfer my wallet, and buy candy, but he was always generous and would share with friends. My sister once told me, " It is impossible for a mother to turn her kids into the coppers." Not this mother. He was 8 when i turned him in for pilfering that wallet of mine. The copper came over, took adam out to the garage and explained to him what a life of crime would be like, as his grandmother and myself sat looking through the window crying. Adam always respected a uniform, and he listened to that copper, and turned his life around. hehe

Adam has grown to be a responsible, hard working , crime free son, i am very very proud of him. He is alot like is dad in many ways, and probably his dad had much to do with Adam turning out so good. Well, except for the crime free part, that was all me!

This one is Rebecca, her Father named her. She is our third kiddo. the handsome devil next to her is her hubby Scott. Rebecca is going to turn 30 in june. As you can see, she grew up to be an elf.

Rebecca is my blonde so to speak. She says the funniest damn things, even when she is`nt trying to be funny. She is also our closest thing to a neat freak that we have, and she did`nt get that from me. Since she was little, she was the one to keep her room clean, she took care of her clothes, when you asked her to do something for you, like dishes for instance, she was the one who stepped up first. This was probably not real nice to do, but when she was about 10 or so, I`d say, awee bec, you are our cinderella, always cleaning up after everyone, and her father would pipe in, poor poor cinderella. Suddenly tears would roll down her cheeks , i guess she was feelin a little sorry for herself. We`d chuckle. It was so cute. As of yet, she has`nt sought out a shrink for that fun little thing we used to do.

Rebecca grew up to be very independant also, a very strong woman , with a big heart, and even though she lives in the country, unlike her older sister, she is at heart ,a city girl, with a great sense of humor. Proud as punch of this one too

This one is my baby. She is a member of the A-team, the name her sisters give her and her brother. Her name is Allison. Adam-Allison, get it? A-Team. Allison is the strong silent type, she takes afer her great grandmother Louise on my side of the family.

Since Allison was little, we did`nt always know what was going on with her , she was never one to come home and say, "guess what happened in school today?" No, she never did that. I either had to pry things out of her, or hear it from her siblings or teachers. She is still that way today, and she is ummmm 28. Like the other night? Her and her sister in law Jo went to see the Thunder Down Under. I asked allison, did you have a good time? Answer, "yeah, it was fun." Jo told me all about it.

Allison grew up to be a very straight forward woman, if you ask her something, she will give you a straight answer, even if it is something you don`t want to hear. Very honest. If i asked her, " how do i look in this micro mini skirt ally?" She will tell me....."like crap mom." And you know that is exactly how you look!
I wish i were more like that. She also marches to her own drum,She always has, and if someone does`nt like that drum, too bad. I wish i were more like that. I`m very proud of this baby.

In the end, we have four great kids, yes, they still bicker amongst themselves occationally, they still do things we don`t always approve of, and most likely always will. Thank Goodness. But, when the going gets tough, those 4 come running to help us and each other. they are uniquely differant, and so much alike. I love you kiddos!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thunder Down Under

This is what i`m missing tonight. Or not.
They are this years entertainment for women this opening fishing season. For all the women who`s husbands have left them for the Great Walleye. Such a treat for those women!
My Daughter Allison and Daughter in Law Jo are at this minute anxiously awaiting for these handsome men to come out on stage. I hope they have a blast.
I suppose i am now really over the hill, A few years ago, i would have been right there in the front row a yipping and a yaying with the best of them. But, not so much anymore. And really, think of these handsome sexy men, do they really need to see a 50 something woman screaming at them to drop their shorts? I don`t think so, talk about bursting ones bubble.
So, here i sit, putting a pizza in for me and the Mr. Leaving the yipping and the yaying to the young.............and hoping they know how to do it right!
I did remind the girls to bring lots of dollor bills!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tranquil Beauty And Fun Fun Fun

Here In Minnesota it is opening fishing weekend, and the tranquility of this beautiful lake will be lost in the midst of boat motors and excited fishermen. This years opener will be a little more interesting, there is still quite a bit of ice on the majority of the lake. I don`t recall a time when we had ice this late in May.

This is Lake Vermilion, it`s a big lake, but not big enough on this first fishing weekend. Usually, you can practically cross the lake by jumping from boat to boat, and i am not exaggerating. Fishermen come from all over to spend the weekend on this lake, and who can blame them?

Friends of ours used to have a cabin along the lake, we spent alot of time there. One summer day we went there to go jet skiing. They lived in a little bay. There were several other people out there waiting their turn on the jet ski, the Mr was driving and i was riding on the back. He decided to be funny and made a sharp turn, and of course, i went tumbling off. Have you ever tried to climb back up onto a jet ski? It is`nt easy. So, hubby suggested i hold onto the back and he`d tow me in, like a beached whale. And that`s what we did, except we did`nt count on the water pressure coming out the back and those huge bubbles that tore my one peice swimming suit off of me. yeah, i was naked. Ever try to get into a swimming suit, in the middle of a lake? I don`t recommend it. But, the onlookers where having a blast watching me. It`s really hard keeping your boobies under water.

These loons of course can blame them. they are very shy, and become upset when they are disturbed. They are a protected bird, so most people show them respect when they come across them. I live a mile from the lake but some nights, you can hear the loons calling on the lake. It is a very haunting sound, beautiful, and once you hear it, you`ll never forget it. Soon, they will be giving birth, what a site to see those little babies riding on their mothers back.

Years ago, my father was walking along the shore, he saw a loon floating some feet from him, he saw that the loon was in distress. He started talking to the loon in a soft gentle voice, telling it to come closer, that he would help him. My father was astonished when the loon began drifting closer to him. Dad kept talking and talking to him. The loon came so close that my dad was able to bend down and hold it still while he took the fishing line that was wrapped around it`s mouth off. Dad let go, and the loon quietly swam away, grateful i am sure. That was such odd behavior for a loon, that my dad had a big write up in the local newspaper. My dad never forgot that experience.

After the busy summer winds down on this gorgeous lake, we are graced with a spectacular send off before the snow starts to fly. Fall. I don`t have to explain, as this picture says it all

This is a great place to be!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Angel Baby Riley Ann

This was the last time we saw our 6th Grandaughter Riley Ann Alive. She was born still on Febuary 10th, 2008.
Riley Is my youngest daughter Allisons first baby, my babys baby.
On Febuary 6th, allison went in for a routine Dr. appointment, there she was told there was`nt a heatbeat. An ultrasound confirmed that the baby had died. Our lives came crashing down around us. Allison was sent home. When she got home, her father and i went to her home, while i hugged and cried with her, i felt that baby pressing against me, and it broke my heart.
Allisons two sisters came home to be with her and share her grief, and her brother did all he could to help her. Mike, little Rileys Daddy, never left allisons side. On Febuary 10th, allison delivered little Riley, and her family was there by her side, we slept at the hospital, we cried, and we cried.
It has been several months since Rileys death, but there is`nt a day that goes by that i don`t think of Riley, of Allison and Mike. Of the little angel we won`t see grow up. Of the dreams lost, and of all the broken hearts that love her.
Riley died from a defective placenta.
We miss you angel baby, forever.

Average Breasted Lutheran

The above Church is called St. Pauls German Lutheran Church and Prochial School, and is located in the town i was born in, St. James Mn, a small farming community, in the very southern part of the state. I attended that school untill i was about 11 years old.

Back then the School was not attached to the Church as it is now to the right of the Church. Then it sat to the left of the Church and was a big Square two story building, with two rooms, one downstairs, and one upstairs. The school housed K-8th grades. The younger grades downstairs, the higher grades upstairs. That was the school i was in when we were told John F Kennedy had been assasinated. I remember that day clearly.

Every Morning we said the Pledge of allegiance, Prayers, and we memerized The Ten Comandments, The Apostles Creed, Bible Stories, and all the rest that goes with Church. I absolutely hated memerizing, but, it was a do or die thing back then. I did.

My father was a carpenter, so when i was 11, we moved to New Ulm Mn, about 45 miles away, my dad had to go where the work was.

I was then put Into this Church and Prochial School. Would`nt you know, it had the same name. St. Pauls Lutheran Church and Prochial School.
Back then, the school sat kitty corner and across the street from the church. It was much bigger than my previous school, so i was thrilled, The one thing i never got over was, us Lutherans did`nt have school uniforms.
I was so jealous of the Catholic kids dressed in their plaid uniforms. I had to walk to school everyday, and everyday i passed the Catholic Church and Prochial School. All those cute plaid skirts, white button down shirts, knee highs, just irked me.
Maybe it was the uniforms that had me a tad facinated about that huge Catholic Church i passed everyday, and across the street from that, was the huge , slightly dreary Nuns living quarters and School. The rumor in the Lutheran school was, up in the towers of that building, the nuns brought their unwanted babies there to die. We were such wicked gossips.
One day, me and a friend were walking home from school, passing the huge mysterious Catholic Church. I guess the devil, or perhaps the jealousy got to me that day when i told my friend, we were going in. The look on her face, all i can describe it as, was terror.
We walked up all those steps, she was following closely behind me. We slowly opened those huge doors and slipped inside. It was dark and scary, our eyes were big as saucers. We peered into the holy water near the door, and as if in spite, i dipped my hand into the water and splashed it onto the floor. That was when fear took over and we high tailed it out of there before we had been caught by some mean nun. Our hearts were beating so hard as we ran down all those cement steps.
I have always wondered why they had uniforms and us Lutherans did`nt. But perhaps we got our revenge during gym. I am quite certain, they never got to do breast excersizes, the we must, we must, we must increase our bust. I can see us girls out there now in the old parking lot, going through the motions. But, i am constantly reminded, those exercises were a waste of time, they did`nt work.
Why did Lutherans want their little girls to have big boobs??????? I guess that is a bigger mystery than the uniforms.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

The First Day of May is May Day!
Long ago, when i was a child, May Day was a pretty big thing, today, one rarely if ever hears anyone say, Happy May Day, let alone deliver May Baskets to special people.
My Mother helped us make the may baskets out of cup cake paper holders, for the basket, and pipe cleaners for the handles. They were pretty flimsy, but all they had to do was get to the people we wanted to give them to.
We`d attach the differant colored pipe cleaners to the cup cake papers, shape the handle, and fill them with peanuts and mints. I remember us kids being very excited while we filled them, we could`nt wait to deliver them.
Mom would line the tiny baskets up on a cookie sheet, there were usually a couple dozen of them. Then one by one, us kids would take a couple and go about distributing them to people in the neighborhood. We`d come back, grab a couple more and off we`d go again. We would beam at the smiles and thank yous we`d get.
Such a sweet simple May Day Tradition and i am guilty of letting it fade into the past. Maybe next year.
Happy May Day Everyone!