Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thunder Down Under

This is what i`m missing tonight. Or not.
They are this years entertainment for women this opening fishing season. For all the women who`s husbands have left them for the Great Walleye. Such a treat for those women!
My Daughter Allison and Daughter in Law Jo are at this minute anxiously awaiting for these handsome men to come out on stage. I hope they have a blast.
I suppose i am now really over the hill, A few years ago, i would have been right there in the front row a yipping and a yaying with the best of them. But, not so much anymore. And really, think of these handsome sexy men, do they really need to see a 50 something woman screaming at them to drop their shorts? I don`t think so, talk about bursting ones bubble.
So, here i sit, putting a pizza in for me and the Mr. Leaving the yipping and the yaying to the young.............and hoping they know how to do it right!
I did remind the girls to bring lots of dollor bills!


me said...

You didn't miss anything...think of how many women kiss them and feel them up!!!!!! yuk!!!

I`m Sassy, said... that is a bad thing?

Anna said...

Ha Ha! When my husband and I went to Vegas a few months ago, he kept asking me if I wanted to go see this show (jokingly).