Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, blogger is`nt allowing me to put my bat picture up, but who can blame them, who wants to see nasty bats anyway. I`ll try tomarrow.

Mr. Speedy and I came home late from the casino tonight, not late as in time, but late as in bat flying time. I usually try to get into the house by dusk, i did`nt tonight, and i did see a bat, so up went the hood, and i raced into the house before one could tangle itself in my hair. They do that you know.

When i was a young girl, every saturday was spent with my cousins in their darkened living room watching those old black and white scary movies. Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein, you name it, we watched it. I suspect that is the reason for my extreme phobia with bats. I can think of no other reason.

When we were`nt watching scary movies, we were holed up in my cousins walk in closet, in pitch black darkness doing sceances, but those are another future blog.

So now spring is finally here in Minnesota, and i begin timing my activities around dusk and dawn, kind of like.............a vampire!

So, who would have thought that i would end up in a little town that houses approxiately 3-4 thousand bats? What a cruel trick of fate. But i did. You see, we have an underground mine in the area. It is`nt a working mine anymore, but it is filled with scientists doing tests on the minerals down there.

People come from all around the world to take the tour that brings you deep into the bowels of the mine, most people enjoy it very much, it`s interesting, it`s differant. I have never been down there. NEVER will. It is home to these little brown bats that are protected, because this area is the only area anywhere that has these little brown evil creatures.

Spring and summer, they can be found on the sides of buildings , swooping through your yard, and often swooping through your houses. Rarely in my house though, i have my house bat proofed and take every precaution to keep them out.

Anyway, it is bat season, and i am a very nervous camper. I need Dr Phil big time.

Enjoy your summer everyone.............during the daylight hours.


Bec said...

who knows why people are scarred of things, you with your bats, Sarah with her frogs, me and my spiders, Scott and his snakes, everyone's got something - except Dad, he's not scarred of anything!

Me said...

I so hate bats,,,I would move!!!!!!