Friday, May 9, 2008

Tranquil Beauty And Fun Fun Fun

Here In Minnesota it is opening fishing weekend, and the tranquility of this beautiful lake will be lost in the midst of boat motors and excited fishermen. This years opener will be a little more interesting, there is still quite a bit of ice on the majority of the lake. I don`t recall a time when we had ice this late in May.

This is Lake Vermilion, it`s a big lake, but not big enough on this first fishing weekend. Usually, you can practically cross the lake by jumping from boat to boat, and i am not exaggerating. Fishermen come from all over to spend the weekend on this lake, and who can blame them?

Friends of ours used to have a cabin along the lake, we spent alot of time there. One summer day we went there to go jet skiing. They lived in a little bay. There were several other people out there waiting their turn on the jet ski, the Mr was driving and i was riding on the back. He decided to be funny and made a sharp turn, and of course, i went tumbling off. Have you ever tried to climb back up onto a jet ski? It is`nt easy. So, hubby suggested i hold onto the back and he`d tow me in, like a beached whale. And that`s what we did, except we did`nt count on the water pressure coming out the back and those huge bubbles that tore my one peice swimming suit off of me. yeah, i was naked. Ever try to get into a swimming suit, in the middle of a lake? I don`t recommend it. But, the onlookers where having a blast watching me. It`s really hard keeping your boobies under water.

These loons of course can blame them. they are very shy, and become upset when they are disturbed. They are a protected bird, so most people show them respect when they come across them. I live a mile from the lake but some nights, you can hear the loons calling on the lake. It is a very haunting sound, beautiful, and once you hear it, you`ll never forget it. Soon, they will be giving birth, what a site to see those little babies riding on their mothers back.

Years ago, my father was walking along the shore, he saw a loon floating some feet from him, he saw that the loon was in distress. He started talking to the loon in a soft gentle voice, telling it to come closer, that he would help him. My father was astonished when the loon began drifting closer to him. Dad kept talking and talking to him. The loon came so close that my dad was able to bend down and hold it still while he took the fishing line that was wrapped around it`s mouth off. Dad let go, and the loon quietly swam away, grateful i am sure. That was such odd behavior for a loon, that my dad had a big write up in the local newspaper. My dad never forgot that experience.

After the busy summer winds down on this gorgeous lake, we are graced with a spectacular send off before the snow starts to fly. Fall. I don`t have to explain, as this picture says it all

This is a great place to be!

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Me said...

He was so gentle. I loved fishing with him. I haven't been fishing since!