Monday, May 5, 2008

Average Breasted Lutheran

The above Church is called St. Pauls German Lutheran Church and Prochial School, and is located in the town i was born in, St. James Mn, a small farming community, in the very southern part of the state. I attended that school untill i was about 11 years old.

Back then the School was not attached to the Church as it is now to the right of the Church. Then it sat to the left of the Church and was a big Square two story building, with two rooms, one downstairs, and one upstairs. The school housed K-8th grades. The younger grades downstairs, the higher grades upstairs. That was the school i was in when we were told John F Kennedy had been assasinated. I remember that day clearly.

Every Morning we said the Pledge of allegiance, Prayers, and we memerized The Ten Comandments, The Apostles Creed, Bible Stories, and all the rest that goes with Church. I absolutely hated memerizing, but, it was a do or die thing back then. I did.

My father was a carpenter, so when i was 11, we moved to New Ulm Mn, about 45 miles away, my dad had to go where the work was.

I was then put Into this Church and Prochial School. Would`nt you know, it had the same name. St. Pauls Lutheran Church and Prochial School.
Back then, the school sat kitty corner and across the street from the church. It was much bigger than my previous school, so i was thrilled, The one thing i never got over was, us Lutherans did`nt have school uniforms.
I was so jealous of the Catholic kids dressed in their plaid uniforms. I had to walk to school everyday, and everyday i passed the Catholic Church and Prochial School. All those cute plaid skirts, white button down shirts, knee highs, just irked me.
Maybe it was the uniforms that had me a tad facinated about that huge Catholic Church i passed everyday, and across the street from that, was the huge , slightly dreary Nuns living quarters and School. The rumor in the Lutheran school was, up in the towers of that building, the nuns brought their unwanted babies there to die. We were such wicked gossips.
One day, me and a friend were walking home from school, passing the huge mysterious Catholic Church. I guess the devil, or perhaps the jealousy got to me that day when i told my friend, we were going in. The look on her face, all i can describe it as, was terror.
We walked up all those steps, she was following closely behind me. We slowly opened those huge doors and slipped inside. It was dark and scary, our eyes were big as saucers. We peered into the holy water near the door, and as if in spite, i dipped my hand into the water and splashed it onto the floor. That was when fear took over and we high tailed it out of there before we had been caught by some mean nun. Our hearts were beating so hard as we ran down all those cement steps.
I have always wondered why they had uniforms and us Lutherans did`nt. But perhaps we got our revenge during gym. I am quite certain, they never got to do breast excersizes, the we must, we must, we must increase our bust. I can see us girls out there now in the old parking lot, going through the motions. But, i am constantly reminded, those exercises were a waste of time, they did`nt work.
Why did Lutherans want their little girls to have big boobs??????? I guess that is a bigger mystery than the uniforms.


Bec said...

I love reading about the things you did and how you thought when you were younger. Although I'm having a hard time picturing you at 11!

I`m Sassy, said...

I was a Jealous Lutheran Brat. Did`nt see Catholic kids sneaking into our Church. Or coveting out clothes. Dang it

Me said...

i was a cathlolic girl.....And we were just so prim and proper thats why we never did those things.