Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

The First Day of May is May Day!
Long ago, when i was a child, May Day was a pretty big thing, today, one rarely if ever hears anyone say, Happy May Day, let alone deliver May Baskets to special people.
My Mother helped us make the may baskets out of cup cake paper holders, for the basket, and pipe cleaners for the handles. They were pretty flimsy, but all they had to do was get to the people we wanted to give them to.
We`d attach the differant colored pipe cleaners to the cup cake papers, shape the handle, and fill them with peanuts and mints. I remember us kids being very excited while we filled them, we could`nt wait to deliver them.
Mom would line the tiny baskets up on a cookie sheet, there were usually a couple dozen of them. Then one by one, us kids would take a couple and go about distributing them to people in the neighborhood. We`d come back, grab a couple more and off we`d go again. We would beam at the smiles and thank yous we`d get.
Such a sweet simple May Day Tradition and i am guilty of letting it fade into the past. Maybe next year.
Happy May Day Everyone!

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