Monday, May 12, 2008

They Do A Heart Good

I started having these kiddos when i was a mere 18 years old. The one above is Sarah, my firstborn. I was a child, raising a baby, with the help of Mr Speedy of course, he was an older man of 24 at the time. Sarah used to be shy, real shy, at 2, i took her to the dr, for a cold. He had to listen to her chest, so i started taking off her shirt, as he had asked. She grabbed hold of that shirt, looked up at me and said, " I don`t want Docrr waaaker (walker) to see my boobies." Dr Walker smiled and explained that he had seen many many boobies, i had to confirm that. She did take off her shirt. She is`nt shy anymore, and by that i don`t mean she runs around showing anyone who will look her boobies.

Even though i was so young, i instinctively knew She would be the greatest accomplishment of my life. Sarah is 35 now, I scratch my head sometimes in amazement when i think of what that tiny beautiful baby girl grew into. I suppose me and her father had a little to do with how she turned out, but Sarah had the most to do with it. She grew up to be extremely independant, a strong woman, talented, down to earth, a huntress,( she won`t like that word, too girly girly i think) a fisherwoman, a great mom, and a wonderful caring daughter, and sister. I take so much pleasure knowing she is living at this moment, the happiest time in her life. Our country girl. I am very proud of her.

And then there is our son. Our second born. Adam, he`s never liked his name, but oh well, too late now. Adam is 32. This one was a challenge when he was little. The problem was, he was alot smarter than his parents, but, in the end, we survived.

Adam is a Macho kind of guy on the outside, but on the inside, He is a softy, and always there to lend a hand when one of His sisters need him, or His mom and dad. When he was 8ish, i was real real worried he`d lean towards a life of crime, we had moved from the country to town, and the lure of candy was great, so he`d pilfer my wallet, and buy candy, but he was always generous and would share with friends. My sister once told me, " It is impossible for a mother to turn her kids into the coppers." Not this mother. He was 8 when i turned him in for pilfering that wallet of mine. The copper came over, took adam out to the garage and explained to him what a life of crime would be like, as his grandmother and myself sat looking through the window crying. Adam always respected a uniform, and he listened to that copper, and turned his life around. hehe

Adam has grown to be a responsible, hard working , crime free son, i am very very proud of him. He is alot like is dad in many ways, and probably his dad had much to do with Adam turning out so good. Well, except for the crime free part, that was all me!

This one is Rebecca, her Father named her. She is our third kiddo. the handsome devil next to her is her hubby Scott. Rebecca is going to turn 30 in june. As you can see, she grew up to be an elf.

Rebecca is my blonde so to speak. She says the funniest damn things, even when she is`nt trying to be funny. She is also our closest thing to a neat freak that we have, and she did`nt get that from me. Since she was little, she was the one to keep her room clean, she took care of her clothes, when you asked her to do something for you, like dishes for instance, she was the one who stepped up first. This was probably not real nice to do, but when she was about 10 or so, I`d say, awee bec, you are our cinderella, always cleaning up after everyone, and her father would pipe in, poor poor cinderella. Suddenly tears would roll down her cheeks , i guess she was feelin a little sorry for herself. We`d chuckle. It was so cute. As of yet, she has`nt sought out a shrink for that fun little thing we used to do.

Rebecca grew up to be very independant also, a very strong woman , with a big heart, and even though she lives in the country, unlike her older sister, she is at heart ,a city girl, with a great sense of humor. Proud as punch of this one too

This one is my baby. She is a member of the A-team, the name her sisters give her and her brother. Her name is Allison. Adam-Allison, get it? A-Team. Allison is the strong silent type, she takes afer her great grandmother Louise on my side of the family.

Since Allison was little, we did`nt always know what was going on with her , she was never one to come home and say, "guess what happened in school today?" No, she never did that. I either had to pry things out of her, or hear it from her siblings or teachers. She is still that way today, and she is ummmm 28. Like the other night? Her and her sister in law Jo went to see the Thunder Down Under. I asked allison, did you have a good time? Answer, "yeah, it was fun." Jo told me all about it.

Allison grew up to be a very straight forward woman, if you ask her something, she will give you a straight answer, even if it is something you don`t want to hear. Very honest. If i asked her, " how do i look in this micro mini skirt ally?" She will tell me....."like crap mom." And you know that is exactly how you look!
I wish i were more like that. She also marches to her own drum,She always has, and if someone does`nt like that drum, too bad. I wish i were more like that. I`m very proud of this baby.

In the end, we have four great kids, yes, they still bicker amongst themselves occationally, they still do things we don`t always approve of, and most likely always will. Thank Goodness. But, when the going gets tough, those 4 come running to help us and each other. they are uniquely differant, and so much alike. I love you kiddos!!


Bec said...

I know all of your children personally and have to say I agree with everything you've said about them. Especially the fact that they do still bicker with each other but they also come together, all four of them, when one needs the others...every time...they don't even think twice, they just hop in the car and go. I'm very blessed to be apart of this family and wouldn't change one single member of my family.

I`m Sassy, said...

Just don`t forget that.......3rd kiddo.

Bec said...

haha, I never could parents would let me!!

sulli said...

I also know all of your children very well... and you nailed them all right on the head...oh wait that was just A!
Anyway we may bicker but I dont think anyone would disagree with bec We are all blessed to be a part of this wonderful wonderful family.

Me said...

How beautiful !!