Monday, April 21, 2008

My Simple Pleasure

One of my greatest pleasure is line dried sheets. If you have never line dried clothing, you must try this with your bed sheets. It`s amazing.

But of course, there are other things you must do before you climb beneith these fresh smelling sheets tonight. . You must also line dry your pajamas, this is a must. No, i won`t take no for an answer. You must do this.

Then, there is the long luxurious bath tonight. I use lavender bubbles, Lavender is very soothing, and it smells wonderful. a candle, any candle will do. Music, tonight i will probably listen to Kenny G, he is soft and relaxing. Do not forget to turn out the lights and put your DO NOT DISTURB sign out on the bathroom door, then slip benieth what will feel like heaven to you, the scented hot water. Lay back and watch the steam rise and listen to your favorite music.

The reason i am bringing this all up is because for the first time since last fall, i am preparing for my special bath tonight. My sheets and pj`s are drying on the line, and i am making plans for my bath tonight. Yes, you heard right, PLANS.

This is a special occation for me, the first official sign of spring, fresh sheets that smell like heaven when you climb under them. It will be intoxicating tonight. I will lay there and simply just beathe. So of course, the rest of me must be clean and fresh too

I never pampered myself in this way when the kids were young, i never appreciated some of these pleasures in life. I was too busy. Now, that i am older and wiser, i do, and i relish them. I feel like a rejuvenated woman when i emerge from my sanctuary.

If i can just enlighten one young deserving woman.............hehe

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Call Me Blonde

I don`t really know why i am starting a blog, other than the fact that many members of my family have blogs and they have gotten me addicted to reading blogs. So what the hell, if you can`t beat em, join em. So, here i am!

When i was young, i always heard the phrase, *The Good Ole Days* it used to make me roll my eyes, after all, what could be better than the days i was living now? Many many years later, that life i was living then, is now the good old days, and i am POSITIVE, my kids roll their eyes when they hear it.

Anyway, after that deep thought, something lighter is needed, i am a blonde, over the years my blondness has darkened, due to pregnancy and age i suspect. I have always been blonde, i will die a blonde. ok, that was a lie, i went red one day, for one day. When i looked in the mirror, Bozo the clown stared back, and i had to get most of my hair cut off, then wait till the strawberry blonde wore off. That was a real bad hair day. The sad truth about old blondes is, they don`t gray well, none i have seen anyway. If my hair turned that gorgous silver you sometimes see, i would never ever invest my money ( or Mr Speedy) in clairol. It is my misfortune that Miss Clairol will be with me to the end.

So, this is why you can call me blondie, or bottle blondie, whichever.

I don`t want to bore you , especially not on the first entry, so i will end now, and pick up tomarrow.