Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Call Me Blonde

I don`t really know why i am starting a blog, other than the fact that many members of my family have blogs and they have gotten me addicted to reading blogs. So what the hell, if you can`t beat em, join em. So, here i am!

When i was young, i always heard the phrase, *The Good Ole Days* it used to make me roll my eyes, after all, what could be better than the days i was living now? Many many years later, that life i was living then, is now the good old days, and i am POSITIVE, my kids roll their eyes when they hear it.

Anyway, after that deep thought, something lighter is needed, i am a blonde, over the years my blondness has darkened, due to pregnancy and age i suspect. I have always been blonde, i will die a blonde. ok, that was a lie, i went red one day, for one day. When i looked in the mirror, Bozo the clown stared back, and i had to get most of my hair cut off, then wait till the strawberry blonde wore off. That was a real bad hair day. The sad truth about old blondes is, they don`t gray well, none i have seen anyway. If my hair turned that gorgous silver you sometimes see, i would never ever invest my money ( or Mr Speedy) in clairol. It is my misfortune that Miss Clairol will be with me to the end.

So, this is why you can call me blondie, or bottle blondie, whichever.

I don`t want to bore you , especially not on the first entry, so i will end now, and pick up tomarrow.

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Me said...

hahaha can't ever see you as a red head!!!!!!!!!!! now black maybe?????