Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic

Spring might be here, only 5 more days till May and no snow because it all melted from just a couple days ago. But seriously, what can happen in just 5 short days? Shhhhh don`t tell me.

Adam came over and fertilized and seeded our yard with grass, because he has a new riding lawn mower and can`t wait to start keeping his and our lawns cut, He wanted to make sure there was plenty of grass coming up. I would have had a picture of this from my window but he was flying past the window so fast i could`nt quite catch him. He does things fast like that all the time.

We had a little rain a few days ago (which turned to SNOW) and when we woke up the next morning, the grass had magically turned green........FINALLY!

Northeastern MN is finally , slowly , understanding that spring is here, my fingers are crossed !

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Surprise

This Picture does not do these flowers justice, when i look at them, they scream love and spring. they are just beautiful.
You see, weds this gorgeous bouquet arrived at my back door, a very brave man fought his way past an adoring flynn to get these flowers safely in my hands. After giving the flower delivery man some tips on fleeing our rambunctious flynn, i grabbed the card off of the flowers, thinking who could have sent them?
The card said, Thinking about you
Miss You
Hope this brightens your day
Someone who Loves you
That`s it, no name.................But of course, they really did`nt need a name, the first name that popped into my head was Jettie, my neice. Later that day as i studied the card, i thought possibly it was jetties mother who sent them. So, that night i did some detective work. HeHe. I called Jetties mom first. Explained the beautiful surprise i received. It was`nt her, but she was angry that she had`nt thought of it herself! So, the mystery was then solved. Jettie had sent us the flowers.
I called Jettie, who was in the middle of rocking her baby to sleep, but, that did`nt stop her from talking to me. Of course, she never once admitted sending us flowers, but i could hear it in her little chuckles.
Jettie knew i needed a little pick me up, even though i had not spoken to her, but she knew.
So, yes, the flowers are so beautiful, but what is even more beautiful is the woman and her thoughts behind them.
Thank You Jettie, you did brighten our day ,amazingly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flynnly And Me, Oops, I Mean Marley

Skip and I watched the movie Marly And Me today, it became increasingly clear to us that we were watching our own lives with Flynn flashing before us on the screen. Except for the young couple, the young kids, and most everything else, of course. It was as if someone had been spying on us since the day we brought our worst dog ever home.
After watching the movie, and wiping the tears from our eyes, and i kid you not, we were bawling like two babies. Anyway, we proceeded to look for hidden cameras throughout the house, certain that ALL the ideas in this movie came from our very own Flynn.............we found none so obviously, as dog owners, we are not alone, and that brings us some comfort.
Anyway, if you want to watch a funny, sweet and very touching movie, grab the puffs and rent it!