Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flynnly And Me, Oops, I Mean Marley

Skip and I watched the movie Marly And Me today, it became increasingly clear to us that we were watching our own lives with Flynn flashing before us on the screen. Except for the young couple, the young kids, and most everything else, of course. It was as if someone had been spying on us since the day we brought our worst dog ever home.
After watching the movie, and wiping the tears from our eyes, and i kid you not, we were bawling like two babies. Anyway, we proceeded to look for hidden cameras throughout the house, certain that ALL the ideas in this movie came from our very own Flynn.............we found none so obviously, as dog owners, we are not alone, and that brings us some comfort.
Anyway, if you want to watch a funny, sweet and very touching movie, grab the puffs and rent it!


Dana and Daisy said...

I actually did think of you two (three) when I saw this movie last summer! ha ha!

Jettie said...

Hah so true!! See if we can just look at the funny side of things...right? I took Masiie to see it shortly after Kiarria had died. Not good. I was crying so hard I couldn't stop. So many similarieties..the boys name...their situation...Me sometimes pulling my hair out!! I bought it now..but haven't watched. I need a late nite all alone...why?..So I can cry again..by myself!

Michelle and Mark said...

Great movie but...just re-inforced my decision to NOT get a Lab LOL! No, way they are crazy! Just remember it will get better once he is out of that puppy phase. Our dogs lately have decided they need to hunt for skunks, yah you can imagine. Yuk ;)~