Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Beast

We thought it was so cute when we saw Flynn sitting on top his dog house, keeping watch over the neighborhood. But then the sway on his roof became very apparrent, skip would go out each day and fix it, put it back to normal. Flynn would sit on his doghouse, looking at the back door, just hoping he could catch a glimpse of His master. Some days, when the sun was bright, he`d drape himself across it, basking in the sunshine. Kinda like snoopy.

Then, he started re-arranging the possition of his house, This is`nt a light house, Skip attached 2x4`s on the bottom of the house last winter to keep it off the ground and out of the melting snow, we could`nt let his feet get wet could we? He likes angling it either towards our ally, for security reasons we assume, never know when a burgler, or female might come waltzing down the alley. Above it is positioned so that he can see our street infront of our house, Who knows what may lurk there. You can also see that he has almost ripped the entire front panel off his house, innocently of course. To move his house he must grab hold of the doorway and pull his house. Well, night after night of pulling, has resulted in this. Skip will again have to use his carpentry skills to fix this, vecause there is no way i am buying that pooch another house!

See the guilt on his face? His ears layed back? This is when we went out the other morning to view his destruction. Cute huh?


Jettied said...

OOHh my Flnn is quite the charactor isn't he!! i so love that cute dog house!!
Sadley here something is wrong with our Kiara...she's not the same wild husky..just lays in the porch won't eat just drinks ..Hopefully she's okay i called the vet so looks like we will bring her in monday. We have had her like 10 years now!

noble pig said...

Oh no! Poor guy destroyed his house. He needs a Woodstock.

Dana Jones said...

oh, he is cute, but also kind of a puppy still huh?

He might be trying to tell you something, like he wants you to let him into the big house!