Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Kingdom

Please, come in and take a tour of the princess`s Kingdom.

Oops, the first two pics are sideways, but you`ll get the picture..... The first pic is what we started with, pale pink walls, and a wood floor.

These are not in any particular order............ So just keep scrolling at the changes in the Kingdom. Sorry about this sideway pic!

Every Kingdom needs a Hop Scotch board!

Grandpas carving in the apple tree.

Lady Bugs crawling all over the floor.

The Princess loves blueberries...............hense, the blueberry bush......kinda sorta. they are messy little things and litter the floor.

The above tree with roots!

The Apple tree below, the princess`s mama added the butterflies and dragonflies.

The Princess and her tire swing.............well, i`ve never claimed to be an artist! But i do an ok stick princess.

The handprint wall of the princess`s subjects. That was Rebecca`s very cute idea!

Grandpa added some bluebirds, as you can see, he is a far better artist than I. I love love love the bluebirds
Aren`t the the cutest!

And of course, the sun! In the corner you can get a little peek of the kingdoms brand new window!

We worked on this for 3 days, it started out with me just wanting to put a couple trees in, and we went from there. It was so much fun and the princess loves it, her upcoming birthday party will be held in the kingdom. Fun Fun Fun!!


grandpa said...

wonderfull!! you should go into the business of painting kingdomes for princess'es.

Bec said...

You made such a huge difference, It looks awsome! Thank-you for doing that for her!!

sulli said...

I want a kingdom too!!!

That is really cool. That is one lucky princess that lives there!

Michelle and Mark said...

Looks like you guys have been busy. What a cute room! Love the bluebirds too. Great job you all did! Wish I had some of those artistic skills. Fun to read the story.