Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Princess (Part 1)

We have been in Wisconsin for the last week, visiting the little princess ( the one in purple), and her subjects, mama and papa.

We drove down there specifically for the little princess`s dance recital, and i have to say, she was gorgeous and danced very well for an almost 4 year old. She is standing next to one of her best friends. We enjoyed watching the dancers, it was very entertaining.

I have one or two other blog entries to finish but i am doing it in two or three parts, my computer has been acting up big time, this is my 4th attempt to blog today.........So i`m trying the short and sweet attempt untill i figure out what is wrong.

So, in this blog, i will tell you about our little project for the princess`s playhouse, which she has named, The Kingdom. A very fitting name by the way!!!

See you shortly!!


grandpa said...

who would have though I would like a ballet? no one right.. but I truly enjoyed the preformance . I can hardly waint to see the tiny dancer on stage next year.

Bec said...

My opinion may be a tiny bit bias but Olivia was the very best dancer of them all! It was the most entertaining ballet I've ever been too!