Thursday, June 5, 2008

For The Love Of Books

The Boxcar Kids were my first book love. Imagine my surprise when scouring the internet for a picture, i find these books are still being written! Of course, the ones i read were the original, and much simpler, but then, i was reading about them over 40 years ago. The boxcar kids were poor little orphan children living in an abandoned boxcar. They are the ones who inspired my life long love for books, and my imagination. How i wanted to be a box car kid back then, living in that little red train car, living the adventures they had, answering to no one, ahhh, what a life. But, now that i`m all growed up, i realize no one wants to be an orphan forced to live in a old abandoned boxcar. Duh.

The Boxcar Kids led me to The Little House on The Prairie. I read every book, and with each book, the more i wanted to be Laura, with a Ma and Pa like hers. I wanted to live in that little house in the big woods so badly. I wanted to wear those long dresses and bonnets! Many many hours i spent with my nose in these books, putting myself in Lauras place. Later, after i had a my first daughter, i came across a dress, just like the ones laura wore, with a bonnet, and i bought it and dressed my poor daughter in a sad attempt to have my own little laura ingalls. Sheesh. I just might have to read those books again one day.
Then came my Pilgrim and anything old New England stage. I wanted to be a pilgrim girl, tapping papa`s maple trees, sitting at the fire on a cold winter night watching mother knit me a new wook scarf by candle light. Playing in the forest and spotting an injun, running home breathlessly to tell papa. Ahhh what a life. I still have a facination with the Old New England, i think i always will. When i get to New England, first stop..........The Mayflower!

And those books led me to my witch stage. This has been my longest stage, i am a witch wannabe. Ever see the movie, Practical Magic? I LOVE that movie, i want to be one of the old aunts, and live in that house. Real bad. I have Tarro Cards, i have a spell book, i have graveyard dirt, I have the witches almanac, I even have the black cat, but sadly, i have no wand, nor the vintage clothes all witches wear. I remain, just a wannabe, destined to live my one day a year as a witch on Halloween, and waiting for another good witch book to come out. *sighs*
I have no new witch book at the moment, i am currantly reading something totally differant than i have ever read before, it is called, The Pillars of the Earth, which is a great read by the way.
Which book are you reading right now?


noble pig said...

The Little House books were my absolute favorites. Seeing that book cover brought back so many wonderful memories.

Bec said...

I have all the Little House on the Prairie DVD sets, all 9, but I have never read one of the books. I really would like to have the whole set of Little House books someday. I started my reading with all The babys sitter club books now I'll pretty much ready anything - the longer the book the better!

sulli said...

I too started out with the box car children, which I firmly believe led to my wandering orphan ways, I only read a couple of little house books, I enjoyed to shows much better. I am currently reading a novel by Elizabeth Brundage called The Doctors Wife so far its really good... with the promise of becoming better.

De-ranged mom said...

I read those books too. I Love The little house books and the show. I still find myself watching the re-runnes. I am reading the Fern Michaels Series The sisterhood. There are 7 books in the first set and 5 in the next set I am wating for the third book in the second set to come out. I never read in scool so I thought I would start now. LOL

Dana Jones said...

we love some of the same books. I always thought the Box Car Children was written about me and my siblings, two boys and two girls. I was the oldest girl. And I loved Little House too! Another favorite of mine which was made into a movie a short while back was Pippi Longstocking.

I just found your blog. Your whole family blogs! That is something!

Me said...

OOHh We grew up on Little House!! Thats one of the only shows we could watch.
and Grandma got me into reading as she called them lusty books!! I just got done reading one that I hated it to end and theor is another book continuing the story so will have to find it!
I am still reading the book called Comeback. that is pretty good true story one.

Lindz said...

The Boxcar Children were my absolute favorite when I was little. Then there got to be too many.