Monday, December 29, 2008

Lost in New York City ( Part Two)

After two days on a cramped bus we arrived in the bowels of Port Authority in NYC at about 5 am! We were tired, needed a shower , and very excited. Port Authority is located on 42nd street right in the heart of NYC, I could not wait to get out of the underground and see the outside. I had listened to a paranoid woman talking to no one on the phone about the phone being bugged, i had heard Sis in Law scream, looked over and saw a big man leaning over her chair with his hands on the arms of her chair, i don`t remember what he wanted, i don`t think he was, you know, all there, it just was`nt a nice place to be.

So here we are, dragging Sis In Laws 200 pound suitcase, and my little LIGHT one, trying to get above ground, it is a huge place but finally, we made it. Along the way, we had stopped at a phone booth to `alert` Sis In Laws daughter that we had arrived. She was the reason we went to NYC, she lives in Yonkers, which is where we`d be (intruding) staying. Her words were, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Well, i just thought it would be easier to spot us above ground outside, so, there we were, sitting on the steps of port authority , in the dark, during the quiet time of the city. Unfortunately i was wrong about being easier to spot.

An old black man was hosing down the steps, but he was kind enough to spray around us, He kept asking us " Are you sure someones going to pick you up?" He was a nice man, and we must have had HICK written on our foreheads. I ran and got us a coffee and a bagle to share, and oh my god, NYC bagles are the BEST! Well, finally, the man hosing off the steps appoligized but we had to move, he had to wash our step. It had been over an hour or so that we had been sitting watching the city wake up. We decided to go down into the bowels and call daughter again, we were becoming a little concerened.

I spotted a copper, I approached him and innocently asked, " Sir, is this the only entrance into the building?" He literally looked at me like i was from mars and said, "Lady, this is one of seven entrances." Deflated, i said, "Oh, well thank you." Minnesotans are always polite.

I`ve heard about the rude people in NYC but honestly, this cop was the only rude person i came across.

Sis In Law was tired, she was`nt excited about going back underground. We reached an elevator and she says, " I think i`m going to pass out." I looked at her, and replied, "if you pass out before you get into this elevator i am leaving you lay here." I`m sweet like that. It worked, she made it all the way down. I called her daughter. First thing i hear is, WHERE ARE YOU?? It seems they had been there and could not find us and had gone back home. Damn. I had to confess and mention how we had gone topside to wait. Again she said, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!! Poor Julie, she and her cop hubby had packed up her two little ones and came into the city and...well, no nana, no auntie.

But hey , wait, her hubby is a cop!!!! He could`nt spot us sitting on the steps? Sis in Law was wearing a blaze red sweater and well, i was sitting on suit cases. Sheesh, we were the only two hicks around. We stayed where we were and watched alot of strange goings on. Finally, we were found. We sat quietly and listened to the lecture about how dangerous NYC was, we deserved it. We were good all the way back to Yonkers. And i have to say, I LOVE YONKERS, it is a city of over 1 million, but it felt and looked like a small town in the neighborhood we were staying at.

That`s all for now........see you tomarrow!


Bec said...

I can just see you two wandering around NYC! I don't think I've really heard about you trip so keep the entrys comming.

Jettie said...

OOHh man you see why I never veture to places like that!!!

addy said...

Wheres the next installment? I'm running around here smiling and giggling.. The man is wondering why.. I told him I'm just remembering the trip to Yonkers we took and he thinks I was up to something.... I too will always remember that trip,had a ball..