Thursday, January 15, 2009


We are experiencing our coldest week this year, or last years for that matter, and all i can say is BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

The water has been a challenge, a couple of nights ago, i caught it in mid freeze, i turned it on in the kitchen sink, which is where the problem has always been and it just trickeled for a few seconds, and just as i was uttering some very dangersous words. it began gushing, whew, close one.

Today i was not so lucky, both cold and hot froze, so skip had to do a little blow torching, after about 20 minutes, we had water, whew.

I am tired of winter, i want warm sun, green grass, and slipperless feet.



sulli said...

Warm days are a comin... in just, what, 6 months or so...

Dana and Daisy said...

wow. I've never had an indoor pipe freeze, only the blasted outdoor faucets.

I just checked in to see if you had been buried in an avalanche or anything.

jettied said...

It is blizzarding out here right now..11pm on friday!! More snow..but Grizzly says not to worry honey it's supposed to warm up tonight!!! And just in time it's cattle day tomorrow and I need some pics!!