Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wee Morning Ramblings

What does one do at 3 am when one cannot sleep?

I have washed the kitchen and bathroom floors, straightened up the living room, am currently washing a load of clothes, woken up Flynn a bazillion times, fed and watered the cat, read some in my book, made half a pot of coffee, which i must say, is quite good this morning, what else to do?

Flynn refused to go to bed tonight with his master , so he has been waking up to see what i am doing, he is so nosey. With his humping obcession, i was a little uneasy when he`d come to check on me in the kitchen. I wash my floors on my hands and knees, get my drift? One eye on the floor, one on him, but, i am proud to say, he was a gentleman for a change. I suppose it is my reminding him that NEXT FRIDAY is the big day. He`s trying to be on his best behavior incase i change my mind, which of course, i won`t. This is set in stone.

Remember when i said i was going to get Flynn some toys? Well, i forgot but i did get something for him that he HATES. Some people are against these little miracle workers, and i am not thrilled with putting him through this, but, we live in town, and he needs to learn manners, which he has bucked us on every issue. So, we broke down and bought a shock collor. The dump guy puts on heavy gloves before he gives Flynn a treat, children shudder in fear of him jumping on them, visitors rarely leave without droplets of blood streaming down their hands from scratches, coats ripped when being jumped on, the cab of the truck torn apart when left alone , the neighbors suggesting a shock collor for his barking, i`m surprised they did`nt take up a neighborhood donation. The list is endless. So, all of that is changing, and it has changed in 3 short days. He has received about 3 shocks, but now all we have to do is give him a warning beep, and he settles right down. I imagine very soon, we won`t even have to give him the warning. It`s amazing. I`m thinking people may actually get to pet him without giving blood or almost knocked over. Flynn thinks everyone loves him as much as he loves them. NOT

That blueberry crisp is calling my name..........i`m trying to resist.

Well, it is 3:45, some people start their day this early so, i might as well too.

I think i`ll clean the fridge..........


Us said...

To funny! I know some that have labs and seems they either have to attend training or as you are, use the shock collar. He should be a perfect angel in no time ;)

Dana and Daisy said...

you should go see Marley and Me. It sounds like Flynn could have been a stand in for the dog.

Hope you sleep better tonight.

Bec said...

Too bad I didn't live closer, my floors need washing time you wake up and don't know what to do just grab the truck keys and come on down. Wouldn't dad be surprised to wake up and find out your in Wisconsin dancing with the princes'! {And making us poppy seed bread...and soup}

jettied said...

I know exactly how you feel...Grizzly lots of times wakes up to a rearranged house....It will hit him hard when I have finally moved our bedroom downstairs to the living room and the living room where the dinning room is...all while he will be sleeping!!! hahahahahha I'll have to build a few walls first...but that'll be the easy part!!
And we bought a shock collar styem when Kiarria was younger...the first time we put it on her....and she took off to run down the driveway...we did exactly as it states to do...She stopped looked at us...shook her head and kept on running down the driveway!!! I took it back the next day!!!

sulli said...

After dancing with the princess, come on down our way. My fridge really needs a good cleaning!