Friday, July 4, 2008

A Happy 4th Of July!

The Parade started at 11 this morning, and here is the best part of the parade if your a kid, candy diving. Tylen and Alyssa anxiously awaiting the next round of candy diving.
Yes! he got some!

My favorite parts of the parade are the marching bands, absolutely love them, and those kids!

Tylen did`nt much care for the clown, but Alyssa loved him. The clowns name is Chimpy, he`s been a clown for as long as we`ve lived here. 20+ years. He`s Also a great unicyclist.

This is my Beautiful Daughter in law Jo relaxing on the front porch after the parade.

Alyssa coming home with her candy stash, and Tylen below with his candy and beads, they had a blast at the parade. The free hotdogs after the parade were the icing on the cake for Tylen. Yum Yum!

Tonight was the Best fireworks that i can remember, and Tylen was in awe of them, it was his first fireworks display. We started off on Main street, might have been a little wild for the kids but, i guess most 4ths are. First, a drunken man tried to get Allison to dance and she turned him down, he grabbed hold of Danika for a dance, scared her bad, and her uncle stepped in and told him Firmly, lay off. Shortly after that, he was taken away by the coppers. Then as we were standing waiting for the fireworks to begin, a young man came racing towards us running and slammed into allison who was manning Baileys stroller, i yelled HEYYYYYYYYYYY, as he flew past us. Had i seen the copper chasing behind him giving chase, i would have stuck my foot out and tripped the man. They did chase him down but it took a Tazer gun to drop him. So, the kids will go home tomarrow with lots of stories, and Tylen did assure me that he would stop if a copper told him to. During the last 15 minutes of the fireworks, we thought it would be cool to walk home under them, being we are only a block off main street. It was great, the kids loved it, we finished them off sitting in the grass in our yard. A good time was had by all.
Sadly, Danika and Tylen have to leave tomarrow. I will miss them, but they will be leaving with some good memories, ( except for danikas lost cell phone, dang it) And they will leave us with wonderful memories.
Hope you all had a fantastic 4th!


noble pig said...

What a great day! Happy 4th to you!

sulli said...

Whoa!!! Drunk guy? Tazer gun? Coppers? Sounds too wild for my taste!!! You still didnt find that phone? I cant wait til the get home. I am glad the has so much fun, but, this is the last time I agree to this!!!
Drunk guys..Tazers... and coppers? No Way!

Dani~bell said...

Yes mom and i dont have bad judgement! lol maybe ill find it later having fun here!!! dad showed me some pictures of when i was a little girl. like wearing a easter dress and roller blades, or sitting on my potty trainer!!! Haha well good nite!

MN Mom said...

I miss you Danika, the house is sooooooooo quiet now! Have a great time at the reunion tomarrow!

dani~bell said...

I will! i promise and don't you think that its good that its so quiet? now you can relax I miss you too

Jettie said...

Sounds wonderful and a little crazy!!! Wonderful Grandparents!!

Bec said...

Wow, sounds like fund...we're definatley comming home for the 4th next year!!