Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nightmare on 2nd Street

Who could resist that face? Those green eyes, that red hair! Well, obviously we could`nt, cuz we brought him home, with thoughts of , trusted protector, mans best friend, unconditional love, won`t this be fun? dancing through our heads.Our children had flown the coop, we had no responsibilities to speak of, lots of play time with the grandkids, lots of time to devote to a puppy, and just think of the cuddling hours with a puppy during the cold winters to come. So this happened. We took Flynn ( who everyone says is a dumb name for a dog by the way, but i love it.) And Adam took his brother Rex. Flynn is the one in the forefront. Are`nt they the sweetest?
Flynn has so far grown into this, he is 6 months old, did i mention he was born on Christmas Day? Myself, being such a huge Christmas person thought, how perfect is that? I had to have him. A Christmas Dog! He`ll look so cute under all my Christmas Trees! As you can see, he looks a little annoyed in this picture, i woke him from his morning nap to take his picture.

Well, now that reality has sunk in, i often find myself thinking, WHAT DID WE DO????? This is my most recent flynn injury, about 4 days old. Flynn is playful, and big, and he needs a pedicure really really bad. I saw him coming at me at top speed, i knew this would not be good, his ears were flapping in the wind, grinning like a fool, then bang, he jumped on me and i cried.

Then there is the litter box, for nappy the black cat. Flynn seems to think of it as the forbidden fruit. Every chance he gets, he runs to it, grabs a turd, and snarfs that sucker down quicker that you can say, GET OUT OF THAT CAT BOX!!! It`s a constant battle keeping turds out of his mouth, as you can see in this picture, i got him to drop it before he could devour it. ( chalk one up for the Mistress of the house!)

Walking in the yard NEVER used to be trecherous, it is now. Here is just one of many holes flynn has dug in the yard, just because.........he can, That one looks like a little upside down heart, he is very artistic.

We also have the continuing battle between brother and sister. Flynn loves standing over nappy to stress upon her that HE is Da Boss. That she can handle, she does`nt mind at all, you know cats, rarely does anything bother them. And i think she secretly likes playing the submissive role.

Untill this happens, and her body becomes his chew toy. Usually she can be seen with her head in his mouth. It is that muffled cry that makes me come running, this happens throughout the day, untill finally i lock his live toy up in a room. She owes me big time.

See that little dead brown thing laying on the floor with it`s guts spilled everywhere? It used to be a cute little stuffed bear. We have quite a stuffed toy cemetary now. Bears, Monkeys, Puppies, and it just keeps on growing.

Below is our back step and house, well, flynns been eating it. The husband just fixed a few spots that were missing, i`m sure..........there will be many more spots to come. So, flynn is literally eating us out of house and home. What were we thinking when we brought this devil dog home?????

But then..............there are the moments like this, where he looks like an angel puppy, curled up with his one ear missing, nose gone favorite stuffed pup. I see him like this, and hope is restored.........for about an hour. yeah, he`ll turn out to be all we imagined him to be that one crazy day when i said, lets take him.


Bec said...

LOL, He's so cute - I love the picture with him on top of nappy!! Maybe you should take him to a dog training class, the sooner the better from the sounds of it!

I`m Sassy, said...

I would but i am absolutely convinced he`ll get kicked out. That would be oh sooooo devestating! Oh, his one hour is up, let the battles begin!

dani-bell said...

wow he looks almost innocent! that poor bear! maybe u should have put a diciplen pic with his muzzle! haha

sulli said...

Hes just a baby... he will be a good boy one day. Just you wait and see!

Jettied said...

OOHh man has he grown!!!!!!!!!
OOHH man for gross!!!!! I think I would be putting that litter box somewher he couldn't get!!! cause you could be sleeping and he could of visited the litter box and than jumped on ya and give ya a big wet kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jettied said...

oohh I forgot your arm!! man oh man that looks like it hurts!!