Friday, July 18, 2008

Princess Olivias World

Once upon a time, in a tiny Kingdom far far away, lived a little princess. Princess Olivia was her name. She was a happy beautiful princess, her days spent in princess training, and making sure her little Kingdom was perfect.

Often times, her public duties took her out of the kingdom. It was required that she attend Parades. As she walked by her public, they gasped and were heard saying, "oh what a lovely Princess." Olivia would raise her hand, and as any royalty would, She`d wave with her little hand raised, and turning from side to side, all could see she had been born to be a Princess. The king, in the white tank top, stood close by making sure his princess was safe from the masses. He likes doubling as a body gaurd.
Of course, even princess`s have friends, who have each other over for play dates at their Kingdoms. Here Olivia spend the day with Princess Brielle. The maid and butler standing by at all times should they request something.

the Birthday of a Princess is a big deal in the Kingdom, so they threw her a ball, and everyone who was anyone attended. The King and Queen were so proud of their Princess.

But then one day, when the Queen had summoned the Princess for some quality time, the princess made a terrible mistake. She told the Queen, that she was not as beautiful as Princess Ivys Mother, because, and this is an exact quote, " You don`t wear beautiful dresses like Ivys Mom." Well, the Queen gasped.

And then the wicked Queen put the little princess to work. The little Princess was being punished. Made to paint the kingdoms toyal deck.

And if that was`nt bad enough, she was forced to wash the dishes after Royal Dinners. It did not take long before the little princess learned to never ever tell the queen that she was not as pretty as another queen. Poor poor little princess.

Then Tomarrow came, and it was a new day in the Kingdom. Here is the stable boy teaching the princess how to ride horse. That is something one should know if one is going to be a princess.

After riding lessons, The two little princess got into thier commoners clothing and drove off into the sunset, trying desperately to avoid the paparazzi.


Bec said...

LOL!! This is the cutest Story ever. I printed it out so when I tuck the little princess in to bed tonight she'll have a new story for me to read, and she'll love it because she will truely believe that this is a true biography of her life thus far!

MN Mom said...

LOL.......i know she will lol lol

sulli said...

What a wonderful story. But... the princess had a point... maybe instead of punishing the princess... the queen should have went shopping!

just little ol' me said...

cute story. i realy beleved that this is how that girl lives.

dani~bell said...

Oh my what a cute story!!! i loved it!

noble pig said...

Oh my, just adorable. Girls are just like that.

Dana Jones said...

how cute! I am glad princess Olivia didn't get sent to the tower to spend her days after sassin' the Queen! Would that make you the Queen Mum?

Since Skip is long lost in the blog world, I'd like to link you to my cabin blog. I'll leave him on there for when he comes back to blogging, but this way I don't have to go to his to find yours. I'll have my own gateway right to Sassy!

Jettie said...

That is sooooooooooooo Cute!! what a Darling!!

de-ranged mom said...

She does look like a princess. I am back to blogging. Joe's sister started a little blog for the kids this week check it out it is on my blog