Monday, July 7, 2008

New Week, New Visitors

The Holiday has passed, the house is quiet, and we are getting ready for more visitors.

The man of the house is fixing a bad board on the back step, i have washed half of the kitchen floor, ( yes, you heard right, half) a cake is being thought up in my head, ( yes, just thought up) and a grocery list is being mentally written out.

So, as you can tell, i am in no way ready for these visitors.

My Sister in Law, and her significant other are as we speak, driving the long highway from Montana to Minnesota, infact, they are probably in Minnesota as i write. They are arriving a little earlier than SHE SAID. Which of course has totally thrown me off because, i am a wait till the last minute kinda gal. My strategy today is, they will stop off at her sisters house first, which will give me extra time. My strategies are almost always wrong. oh well

It has been a couple of years, maybe 3 since we`ve seen Addy, so we are excited that she is coming. Her and i have had alot of fun times over the years, infact, she is the sis in law with the dead cat Alice. I hope i don`t start laughing when i see her now that the memory is so fresh in my mind. Her and i have done some crazy things , laugh till you pee crazy. Remind me to tell you one day about our trip to New York City, ok?

Anyway, i have to run, the other half of the kitchen floor is calling my name.....well, more like screaming.........WASH ME!

Toodles everyone!


Bec said...

Wow you've been busy, first the grandkids then Punky...sorry Addy then us. Bet you'll be glad when July is over!! Tell Addy I said hi!

noble pig said...

Hurry, scrub that floor! Sounds like you will have fun.

sulli said...

Busy busy... So after punky, and bec and livie... What will you be doing for a grand finale???

Bec said...

What are you talking about Sulli me and Liv ARE the grand finale!!

Jettie said...

I love visitors!!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe we didnt get all the way there.... yea, I cried.....we got back home and after we got that dam truck back on the road all the vacation money was gone... I miss you so much... not everyone has a sister in law and a best friend all in one love ya....addy