Sunday, July 20, 2008

I hate these things

These blood sucking pesty biting creatures are called sand flies, or no see ums. I hate them, of course, i think anyone who has to put up with them most likely does, or......they are kinky.

It was around 8ish last night when they found me outside doing some yard work, then they attacked. Viciously. After about 10 minutes, i went into the house and already had a lumpy forehead. I was bitten 3 times. These bites swell and become lumps. By morning, the lumps were pretty much gone, and all that was left was little red bite marks.

I hate bats too but i understand they have a purpose. They eat those ugly things ubove. But a sand flie? What are they good for? I can find no reason why they were put on this earth. Obviously, the bats are sloughing off around here, because we are having a bumper crop of sand flies.

I catagorize them with wood ticks. We don`t need them, get rid of them, i want to spray the world with insecticides to make the world a safer place to live.


Bec said...

I agree, We've got June bugs here and those things are UGLY!

sulli said...

Your lucky your bumps went away by morning. Tylen had his for 4 days after he came home!! We dont have those here, or bats, or june bugs.. but stay tuned because Im sure we will have those stupid orange lady bug things in the fall! I hate those things!!!

noble pig said...

Bugs like this are the WORST thing ever...I'm with you on the spraying!

Jettied said...

Try spraying Listerene around!!

Bec said...

Liv woke up this morning and the first thing out of her mouth was "I'm ready to go to grammas" She was not too happy when we told her she'd have to wait one more day!