Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Times

I used to laugh when i listened to my Mother and Mother In Law talk about how it was when they were having their babies. To me, it sounded so rediculous, and old fashioned.

When They were in labor, they were given chloreform, ether and gas. Sounds a little like over kill does`nt it? They were totally knocked out and had to wait to regain consciousness before they knew what they had given birth to. Their hospital stays were about 10 days, give or take a day or two. Once they had given birth, it was several days before they were allowed to dangle Their feet, imagine that, dangle Their feet from the bed! Giving birth was time consuming to say the least.

Now, years later, 35 years after i first gave birth, i`m not laughing so much, it`s my kids who think those days were rediculously old fashioned. they cringe when i tell them how drinking while pregnant was not bad for babies then. Or so we thought.

I gave birth to 4 babies. I have never had an ultra sound, nor have i had an epidural, the only thing remotely related to pain killers, was one hypo i had one time with my firstborn. That pretty much just relaxed me enough to take the labor pains away so i could start all over again, which is why i only had one.

It seems so strange when i look back at those times now. Like it was a differant planet.

I remember the morning after i had given birth to my first baby, i was laying in bed, the baby was in a little bassinet across the room, when Dr. Walker walked in to examine me, he was holding a lit cigarrette. You could`nt find a NO SMOKING sign back then if your life depended on it. The oddest thing was, we thought nothing of seeing a Dr doing his rounds with a cigarette in his hand.

But, God forbid if a relative tried to walk into my room. No Allowed. My parents, and Inlaws had to stand outside the window of my room to see the baby. She was born in Febuary, it was a little chilly looking in!

Then, when it was time to leave the hospital, the nurse carried the baby to the car, and handed her to me, into my arms, there were no car seats. Off we drove.

We raised 4 kids and never owned a car seat. We have been so incredibly lucky with our kids.

My, How times have changed.............Thank God.


Dana Jones said...

My mother smoked through all four of her pregnancies. That was a long time ago and no one thought anything of it.

Yes, I am glad things have changed, too.

noble pig said...

Yes things are so different but now for the better. But I guess ignorance is sometimes bliss as it was then.

Anonymous said...

I remember those days too... When a nurse casme in and asked you if you needed anything you told her that the ashtray was too small..I smoked too.. my kids wew 10lbs. and 9.7 lbs... no under birth wieght there... thank God for that smoke.. can you imagine how big they would have been without it?? I remember brushing my hair and spraying it with the baby in the room.. yikes!! its a wonder that they survived... Addy

sulli said...

Hey Addy!!!
Nice to see ya!

I can not imagine how it must have been. I shudder to think of someone getting into a moving vehicle holding a baby on thier lap! And have in fact reported drivers with young children not in car seats.

Bec said...

No kidding, Its a small wonder we all made it! I am currently on my 3rd car seat for my three year old!

I`m Sassy, said...

Hi Addy, come back soon!

You all survived, miraculously

Bec said...

actually thats not true, 6th car seat, baby, toddler and booster seat for both vehicles!

Jettied said...

OOHh how they have changed!!
I have gone threw it without pain meds..brave or stupid..Iam not sure which one!! it doesn't last long for me so that helps a great deal!!
And yes things have changed but here at our hospital when ya leave with the baby a nurse carries it down!!! I find that wierd..they say "hospital policy" and I find it wierd that I have delivered this baby..took care of it ...the day and a half I spent in the hospital and am going out the door and I can't carry my own baby!!!
A great look back in time!!