Friday, August 29, 2008

Out With The Old, In With The New

I had a yard sale today, it went very well, and I will do it all over again tomarrow, several others went in on it with me. Let Me just say, I love going to sales much more than I love having one. So, after i closed up my sale, i went garage sailing.

This is what i could not resist. This home made wood, umm thing was $3, you can use it this way, or turn it upside down, i have not decided how i am going to use it, or where, all i know is, i had to have it.

My upstairs bathroom has lighthouses in it, One might think the bathroom might be an odd place for light houses but, it works . So when i saw this picture, well, first i talked her down from $5 to $2, i had to have it. I know which spot this will go.
Below is my " I am So excited!" find. Skip does`nt like it but, i love it, and it has a matching tv tray. I am trying this table out in my front porch, just trying it out mind you, it could end up anywhere. I paid $8 for this wicker table, and $5 for the tv type tray. It`s heavy, and very sturdy, and i just love it!

I also bought a sewing machine for $5, i don`t need another one but, i thought i should have a spare. No picture because, how boring it would be looking at an old sewing machine. Anyway, i just had to show you what i bought! And now being i sold a bunch of stuff, i have room for it!


sulli said...

great finds! I like that wicker table. And the lighthouse looks pretty cool too! lucky you!

Dani~Bell said...

I love the wicker Table! I love the picture on the wicker Table! Your not selling that desk thing that is in your computer room did you?

noble pig said...

You must have a giant truck to have bought all that, Wow! So cheap too.

addy said...

You must live a charmwed life.. you find the coolest stuff for next to nothing... I love love love that wiker table .... it really would look good in my screen house..

Jettie said...

Love your finds!! I think I have commented on how thrifty u r!!
Rummage sales are so much fun!!

Dana Jones said...

hey! Great finds! And what a way to use the proceeds from your own sale!

Never mind Skip, men don't like wicker I have figured out, but women love it!

Bec said...

ohhh, the lighthouse will look perfect in your bathroom!