Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Gone Bad Day

That seemingly innocent pooch was a terror on my last day of blueberry picking. And it made me wonder if he would ever be able to be my blueberry side kick.

Our day has started out well enough, we had done some painting on the house and decided to go berry picking, so Skip, Flynn and i piled into the rusty roller, pail and bug dope in hand. The sun was shining, it was a glorious day. The berries were starting to dry up and this would be the last day of picking for me.

Flynn and i started picking, ok, flynn did`nt pick, he followed me and watched me pick, then mosied off into the woods, i knew he was`nt far away. Skip was sitting in the truck box whittling a piece of diamond willow. Little did we know, our perfect day was about to end.

A truck pulls up next to ours, and a local from town gets out with her pail in hand, just then i hear Skip yell, "Is Flynn with you?" I look around, and yell," Flynn?" Mistake number one, Skips mistake was not asking Penny to sit in her truck untill we get our dog.

Flynn, he`s a big one. He is 60 pounds of rambunctious puppy, who has very few social skills at the moment. Poor unsuspecting Penny, with her picking basket in hand, is suddenly standing next to me just as Flynn comes bounding out of the woods at full speed, i instantly start to sweat and panic, knowing no good will come of this. You see, Flynn thinks everyone loves him to death, and surely is as happy to see him, as he is to see.......anyone.

I brace myself, and inch closer to penny, knowing Flynn is going right for her. He slams into her, almost knocking her off her feet, and jumps up on her. I try to grab hold of his collor and at the same time i yell, " SKIP BRING HIS LEASH!!" I can`t get ahold of Flynn because in his excitement, he is jumping up and down on penny, and lovingly putting his mouth around pennys hand and arms. I glance at skip up the hill calmly talking to pennys husband and i scream again, "SKIP BRING THE LEASH!!!"

Finally, i get Flynn down on the ground, basically by throwing myself on him, right smack dab in the middle of a blueberry patch! And i scream, "SKIP BRING HIS LEASH!!!" as i start dragging him up the little hill, all the while he`s fighting me trying to love on penny some more.

FINALLY, Skip notices, and comes with his leash. Skip drags Flynn to the rusty roller and puts him inside, Penny comes walking to the truck with blood dripping down her arms. We pour water over her arms and apologize embarrassingly. I just wanted to choke Flynn.

Skip takes Flynn home, by the time he gets back, Penny and her husband have left to go to bluer pastures, and my blueberry picking was over, i was so upset about what had happened, i had lost heart with the picking.

Later on in the afternoon, we went over to Pennys house to see how she was. Flynn was grounded to his kennel.

Penny was a trooper about the whole incident, and again we apologized and then got a better look at her wounds. On her left arm there was the bigger cut, where flynn had his mouth around her arm, and when she pulled her arm away, his teeth opened her flesh. On her right arm, was a scratch from his nail. Uhhhgggg, i got mad all over again!

Poor big ole baby flynn, he does`nt mean to hurt anyone, he does`nt bite, he just likes having arms , legs, fingers in his mouth, and he does`nt realize how big and strong he is, cuz, he`s still a baby. And we can`t seem to make him understand that he is just to big to be jumping and nibbling on people.

And to Pennys credit, she was extremely understanding and kind towards flynn. Ya gotta love a small town. They have very good people in them.

So now, we try harder to be one step ahead of Flynn and count the days untill he..........matures and learns.


noble pig said...

Oh yeah that makes you feel awful doesn't it? I hope she's doing better.

Bec said...

What happened to that "special" collar you were going to get him? He brings excitement to your life, what would you have done without him? Probably been board!

just little ol' me said...

don't worrie mom my dog does that too!

Dana Jones said...

boy you've got to thank your lucky stars she was understanding about it.

My neighbors would have had him put down already. But I live in one of "those" kind of places. That's why I like going to the cabin so much.

Jettied said...

OOHH Poor Penny!!
A dog jumped up at me once and slamed me square on the nose with it's head!! knocked me right to the ground!! man it hurt...but yep the dog was just excited to see me!!

sulli said...

Poor Penny! Im glad she was ok and understanding.

derangedmom said...

I laughed. I could just see it now.Glad everything was ok I guess. LOL
She would have never done anything anyway. Remember you are related to me and I have her son in bind and she knows it. They all have been real nice lately. LOL