Saturday, August 2, 2008

So I Cheated

I can admit that, i cheat............ so spank me.

I woke up this morning and dived right into cleaning, washing clothers, dusting, sweeping, the usual stuff, i even worked up a sweat thinking i had to hurry, hurry ,hurry, because company would be here around noonish.

Then I thought, hmmm, I really should have something to go with coffee, so I looked and searched, and found a pre-made graham cracker crust, and a box of cheesecake jello pudding mix. (instant.....of course)

I mixed up the pudding, poured it into the crust, and stuck it in the refridgerator. Then thought it looked very plain. I dived into my blueberry stash in the freezer and made a thick blueberry sauce with sugar and corn starch.

This is what became of the pie, it looks very yummy, and if that company ever gets here, i`ll be able to tell you how scrumptious it is.

Skip and i were hungry, we had been to busy to eat breakfast soooooooooooo....

We brunched on plain bagles spread with cream cheese, a layer of left over blueberry sauce, and a smidgeon of kiwi. Oh My God, it was delitious! Even Skip loved it and he is`nt much on fufu foods. But look, does`nt it look divine

So, i cheated and did`nt need to, as you can see, i had plenty of time to make something completely homemade but, i think that pie is going to be so good, i will sleep tonight without a guilty conscious!

And, i had time to blog!


just little ol' me said...

well i think it looks gross. but thats just me. have fun mom.

Dana Jones said...

I think your bagels look good and your pie will probably be a real sweet treat to have with coffee!

noble pig said...

Hey, if we had to create from scratch every time-we'd be exhausted.

Jettie said...

It looks delicious!! And hay anything to save time to blog!!