Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Down, Three to Go

Three sides that is!

Whew, the front of the house i completely done, save for the porch floor, that is being saved untill next spring, it`s a big job.

I was a bundle of nerves as i sat on my bed looking out the window at Skip up on that ladder which was resting on the porch roof, as He painted the very peak. It was then that i decided he should not be the only one risking his life for the restoration of this big ole house. So i crawled out the bedroom window to hold the ladder for him. Well, not hold the ladder, but steady it while he was on it. That did`nt work out to good.

You see, i am a little bit afraid of heights. Heights make me dizzy. Heights make me want to grab on to something really tight and hold on for dear life. So i did. Only one problem, everytime i became dizzy, and grabbed tighter onto the ladder, Skip, the big baby , let out a yelp, like he was falling. sheesh. like i`d let him fall.

After some begging on his part, i finally crawled back through the window, which allowed him to finish painting. Guess he can`t hold onto a ladder for dear life and paint at the same time. I did`nt know that.

I went back to bed sitting and watching the ladder. Ready to spring into action should it begin to slip from the roof. I`m a good wife that way.

See this floor? I love this old floor. I am hoping we can reuse these old boards when we redo the under belly of the porch next spring. I want to keep everything i can as original as possible. See that round wooden table? I picked that up at a garage sale a couple years ago, i am going to paint it, as soon as i decide the colors. I think it will look darling. Skip and i play yahtzee on that table in the evenings when the weather has cooled. I`m currantly on a winning streak.

Today i made seat cushions for the wicker love seat and the one chair, not completely satisfied with the fabric, but, for now it will do. I also gave the wicker a coat of white paint. I have been very busy.

Anyway, that is the progress on the house so won`t be finished this summer, i am hoping it will be by the end of next summer.

Till next time.......adios!


sulli said...

Wow!!! What a difference! It sure looks great! I cant wait to see it!

Bec said...

wow, looking good! You guys had better be carefull up there, your not has young and limber as you were the last time you painted that shoulda had someone take a picture of you guys way up there!!

Jettied said...

Always so helpful you are!!!
And it is looking wonderful!! As I said before or I guess wrote always have loved your house!!!

noble pig said...

Oh wow quite the undertaking but it looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

the house looks great... I love that old house....I didnt know you were painting though... move out of stat for 8 years and nobody tells you anything.. Addy

deranged mom said...

The house looks great. I showed Joe he didn't even realize it was your house. I thing you should paint the cairs green like on the trim.
Hi Addy long time no here from.

Dana Jones said...

It looks great! I love it!