Friday, September 12, 2008

Ahead Of My Time

I watched the Pamela Anderson Biography today. That`s what illness does to a person i guess.
Anyway, i was a Pamela Anderson wannabe way before there was a Pamela Anderson, about 46 years ago or so.
I wanted boobs, and i wanted them to be big, i was 8 ish.
Ok, so i did`nt go the the drastic measures Pamela did, we did`nt have silicone implants back then, so i went with the less drastic measure.................toilet paper.
My girlfriend Linda who lived across the street decided we wanted to look good for our bike ride. We confiscated our mothers bra, loaded it down with toilet paper, doned a nice tight fitting shirt, and went for our ride, up and down our street. We were`nt allowed to go any further.
But i remember the pride we felt that day. We rode our bikes with a straight back, our chests pushed out, heads held high. Up the street, down the street, over and over . Sunshine warm on our backs, boobies sticking out, almost like Pamela Andersons.
The one thing we did`nt count on, was my mother glancing out the window, to see her little girl flaunting................her new rack.
The party was over so fast, it made our heads spin. Forced to hand over our toilet paper, give back our bras, and grasp for an answer as to why we would do such a thing? After our scolding, we took to our bikes again but, our rides were never quite as hmmmm.......exhilerating as those few moments in the sun.
I should have known what was going to happen, it is`nt like it had been my first experience at being ..........well, whatever it was i was being. The same thing happened a couple years earlier when she glanced out the window and saw me twirling and twirling in my dress...........with no panties on.
yeah, i was a little minx.


noble pig said...

That is hilarious! I wouldn't have labeled you a bad girl!

I`m Sassy, said...

It`s always the ones you least expect noble pig! hehe

danibell said...


Jettied said...

OOHh my OOHH my!! You are such a rebel!!! I was hoping grandma had took a pic of you??? I can imagine her laughing so hard over it before making you give them up!!!
i remember swiping one of my moms pretty lacy bras(becuse I had them icky big boobs)to wear to school becuse she wouldn't buy me one and I kept getting teased!! i hated them absolutly hated them!!!