Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A First For Me

Well, i just did something i have never done in my life.

I went here tonight, http://simplynutmeg.com/ After reading Nutmegs post, i decided to volunteer for the Obama Campaign.

This really creeps me out when i say this, and trust me i don`t say this very often , but here goes. (gulps) I have been alive for over half a century, ( yuck, i just got goosebumps) in that half century, i have never felt so dissapointed, so fearful, and so utterly devastated by what our country has become in these last 8 years. The sorriest part of all of this is, i voted for bush, eight years ago, so i feel my share of responsibility and guilt for the state of our country.

My only excuse for voting for this man is..........i was menopausal at the time. I have been a life long Democrat, so, by doing such an insane thing, well, there is only that one excuse. But, now i`m over that, i`m sane again, well, somewhat, and ready for battle.

So, i followed Nutmegs links to volunteering and now i am just waiting for a call to duty. I strongly feel the need to do something no matter how small, for my childrens, and my grandchildrens futures.

Gosh, now i`m silently singing to myself, Onward Democratic Soldiers, Marching off to War..............I am so ready to serve! Are you?


Bec said...

Well I'm sure that will be exciting...if you can stand the politicians you'll have to work with! I wonder what they'll have you do?

grandpa said...

oh by god grandma is a Obama girl. Now I suppose we'll see her in a biniki on the internet adds.

noble pig said...

It is always great to volunteer, there should be more like you.

Jettie said...

Wow!! i have always known you to take the bull by the horn or what ever part you can!!! haahah Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud to say I never voted with Bush!!!!!!!!!

hahha Grandpa better get a tvo if ya don't already!!!

sulli said...

Is it true that obama will not pledge alegience to the flag? and that he has removed the american flag from his airplane?

Because if it is true, doesnt that creep you out...just a little?

bec... thats a job for you. find out the truth. please.

I`m Sassy, said...

I doubt seriously he has removed the flag from his plane, in every press conference there are 2 flags in back of him.

You need to stop listening to the republicans.

Also, if you go to a parade, have you ever noticed when the flag passes, MOST people do NOT put their hand over their heart? I have noticed this often, i do, but, i am from the old school.

sulli said...

ok, I have noticed at parades that most men take thier hats off in respect and alot of them do not hold thier hands over thier hearts. Although most do. I have also noticed that most of those men at the parades are not begging for my vote to let them be a servant of my country and all it stands for. Im not asking for a debate here, Im just sayin....