Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Time

Those apples above? They are`nt my apples, but mine looked alot like the red ones. I can`t show you my apples because, That man i am married too, deleted them off the camera. The neighbor called and asked if we wanted any apples, ummmmmmm YES was the reply. His tree was doing amazingly and they had taken all they could. So, Skip went over and brought 2 bags home. We began peeling, freezing, and baking immediately.
See that pie above? That is`nt my pie, cuz, well, you know the story, but this is exactly what my pie looked like. I don`t want to brag or anything, but, i make a mighty fine crust. You all know the secret to a great pie crust don`t you? Don`t mix with your hands, use a pastry cutter or fork and spoon. Warming the shortening makes for a tough crust. Anyway, the pie was delicious.

This pie above is *like* the pie top skip made for one of the pies. it turned out beautifully, i am too impatient to make this pie top. We gave this pie to his sister. We also made apple crisp, which is now in the freezer to consume at a later date. I will tell you about my German Apple Cake tomarrow..........scrumptious!

I hope those pies make your mouths water!


sulli said...

my apples didnt look like the ones here. I didnt make any pies because, I cant. But I did make a german apple cake that was delicious! and, yummy apple cinnamon muffins, and to die for carmel apple bars... hmm mm good!

grandpa said...

I did delet the pictures! The pies and apple stuff was good! I was wrong she was right, and everything is right with the universe.

noble pig said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm counting the minutes till the german apple cake.

Dana Jones said...

yep, mouth is watering!

I have an apple crisp recipe I make every year. It is about that time! I also like apples and onions sauteed with sausage.

Of course a little sauerkraut is good with it all too.

My Bohemian ancestry comes out in me in the fall!

Jettie said...

well iam sure your pies looked just like them!!!!