Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lets Celebrate

Thank goodness the conventions are over, now onto the good stuff, the debates! It has been so long since i have been this excited over an election. I mean, lets face it, the past has had some pretty aweful choices for candidates.

I watched both Democratic and Republican Conventions, and i have to say, the Dems came out on top. Many of their speakers brought excitement. As for the Republicans, it seemed boring, and repetitive. Sarah Palin was the only excitement of the whole convention. She gave a great speech, but not great enough to sway me from Obama.

If i hear one more time how McCain was a POW, i will pull out my hair, and i don`t have that much hair, so that would be a really bad thing.

Anyway, see you at the debates!


noble pig said...

I watching the the RNC as I type this...I taped it.

addy said...

I hate politics!!! I dont trust any of them anymore... just by the very nature of politics one has to giver up his or her own moral convictions to win the game...I do cherish my right to vote and I do vote for my choice,not because I believe that a presidentual candidate will go to the mat keeping his or her campain promises,but,because I'm an american...This eleciton will be historic to say the least,and its great to be a part of it.... see you at the poles..

Jettie said...

oohh goodness no don't pull your hair out!!!

Bec said...

Well as far as McCain being a POW, evertime I hear about thoses 6 years he spend in that camp I want to cry for him, he is a hero and he definatly deserves all the recognition of a hero, I just dont think he deserves to become president because of that specifically.

Jettie said...

Someone I love needs your words of Love stop over!