Friday, September 26, 2008

This Ones For Sulli

Sulli asked a question in my comment section, i will try to answer. Is it true that Obama removed the flag from the outside of his campaign plane? Below is Obamas plane before the renovations. See the big flag? Perhaps when flying to dangerous countries this flag would stand out like a sore thumb and become one heck of a target? That was my first thought. This Is Obamas plane after renovations. See that little round red, white and blue thing on the tail? Kind of looks like a flag, kinda, but it is smaller, and not quite as noticible. I kind of like it.

Below is McCains campaign plane. Now, i know my eyes are`nt so good but, can anyone see anything resembling a flag on this plane?

As for Obama refusing to place his hand over his heart, well, it sounds rediculous, and no one can tell me why he refuses to, so, i don`t think i can believe that one.


noble pig said...

It's amazing as much as I watch the news I've never heard of this controversey! Gawd there are so many huh?

Obama's plane is prettier.

sulli said...

well, I dont think I like his new symbol at all. Ill do some looking into the rumors and get back to you. I have heard them twice. Once in the begining and now again. I never ever listen to the news so its not that Im hearing the republicans...LOL!
the debates start today right?

deranged mom said...

Auntie, We tried to make you bread and it was AWESOME. Joe is amazed he could even make it good recipe. thank you.

P.S. I posted

Dana Jones said...

I'm glad you all are paying close attention to the details on all the really important matters in this campaign.

I`m Sassy, said...

A little humor and silliness is never a bad thing in these trying times.

Dana Jones said...

Oh I get it, it's a joke.
I thought maybe you Minnesotans take your plane decoration very seriously!